Frequently Asked Questions – Candidates

What do I need to know to register with SchoolHouse?

At SchoolHouse we like to keep things simple. Make contact through our website or by emailing Be sure to upload your CV.  Our consultants will be quick to contact you to organise a consult and begin connecting you with suitable jobs.  Prior to securing work, we must verify your teacher registration, complete reference checks and have you complete a suitability declaration. 

Does SchoolHouse charge teachers a fee?

SchoolHouse does not charge candidates a fee. Any teacher, support staff or school leader applying for work through SchoolHouse is not charged a fee.  We are absolutely free for any candidate seeking work.

Do I get paid by SchoolHouse after securing a job by SchoolHouse?

SchoolHouse does not provide schools with a labour hire model.  In other words, if you secure a job through SchoolHouse you are paid directly by the school/authority according to the relevant enterprise bargaining agreement.

How does SchoolHouse get paid?

SchoolHouse charges schools a contingency fee. We send an invoice to schools should we successfully recruit. The fee is agreed to by the schools/authorities we work with prior to commencing our service.

Why should I register with SchoolHouse?

With so many job boards to search through and the many differences in application requirements, SchoolHouse will save you time.  Our consultants have over 50 years of collective experience recruiting for Australian schools.  Thanks to these trusting relationships, SchoolHouse has access to jobs ahead of or in lieu of school advertising.  Our consultants will alert you to all relevant jobs quickly and work in partnership with your to build a quality application that we customise for each job you wish to apply for.  This ensures your SchoolHouse application stands out from the crowd. 

Why do schools use SchoolHouse?

The schools who partner with us trust us because we not only find candidates who match a subject, but an employee who fits the culture, ethos and expectation of the school and its community. 

Is SchoolHouse Australian?

SchoolHouse is an Australian company created by Australian education recruiters based throughout Australia.

Where is my data stored?

SchoolHouse servers are based in Australia.  All data and information is held locally and securely.  Our Information Security and Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy govern how data is held to ensure we strictly adhere to the Australian Privacy Act 1988. 

What other policies are in place to ensure SchoolHouse is compliant?

Joining the SchoolHouse Information Security and Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy are the SchoolHouse:

  • Retention of Records Policy

  • Environmental Policy

  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining Policy

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

  • Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

  • Equality and Diversity Policy

  • Ethics Policy

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy


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